Kaju Moongdal and Khoya Special - SW006


1KG / Faridabad


Buy our special sweets pack online and send anywhere in faridabad with free home delivery. We can also make some customized sweets pack as per your requirements. These are 1KG Sweets pack.

Sweets Pack 1 details below.

1. Sweets (Kaju Barfi, Moongdaal barfi, Khoya roll). *Just In-case if any of the mentioned item not available then we will add other item with same price range. 

2. 1KG pack

3. Free Home Delivery in faridabad

4. Call 9911184012 and book your order on Phone/Online.


We are the official partner of "Shri Bikaner Mishthan Bhandar Sec 7-10 Market Wale". You no need to worry about the quality.